Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Up and Running

With only around 9 weeks to go things are up and running. I received commitment from the company that I work for Hillross to pay for 15 Jerseys which I plan on selling by way of donation to the Friends of Bryan. This has been a very generous offer from Hillross and should bring in close to $1,500 to the Charity. I have approximately 4 Jerseys left if anyone is interested please email me at Ryan.Myler@hillross.com.au.


My brother in law (who is my riding partner in the transrockies) was also successful in approaching his company for a donation of $500 to Friends of Bryan. RUD are a sales and engineering company specialising in the industrial, mining, power generation and lifting sectors.  What a great start.  

For those wanting to make a donation please ustilise the direct deposit facilty of the Friends of Bryan Family Trust or make cheques payable to The Friends of Bryan Inc and post them to  c/ - Stacey Harland 20 Stewart St Withcott Qld 4352.

The Direct Deposit details are as follows;

Bryan Flemming Family Trust, National Australia Bank, BSB 084 961, Account Number 16 410 2994

Please also complete the request from here to receive a receitpt.  ttp://www.friendsofbryan.com/Rec_Request.html

If anyone has any ideas on how I should market this or who I should approach please post up your comments as I would love you to share your ideas.

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